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Can CBD support the immune system?

Can CBD support the immune system?

In recent years CBD has increasingly aroused the interest of researchers. Countless studies have dealt with the effect of cannabinoids and have discovered, among other things, indications of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

The medical potential is therefore without doubt great and it can be assumed that many people are likely to benefit from the use of cannabidiol.  

How you can support your immune system with the help of CBD oil is explained below.

Why a strong immune system is so important

The task of the immune system is to protect the organism from pathogens and to ward off harmful environmental influences, such as viruses that have entered the body.

For this purpose, the human immune system has a complex network of specific cells, molecules and organs. All these components contribute to the functioning of the immune system and to the best possible disabling of potential dangers.

The better your defenses function, the more effectively you are protected against numerous diseases. However, if the immune system is weakened, these processes are disrupted. This makes it harder for the body to fight off pathogens and makes you more susceptible to disease.

How does taking CBD affect the immune system?

The human body has a so-called endogenous cannabinoid system. This ECS is responsible for a variety of bodily functions. These include pain perception and immune defence.

The receptors of ECS can be activated by the body's own cannabinoids as well as by cannabinoids supplied from outside. CBD belongs to the latter.

Its ingestion presumably leads to the stimulation of the production of the body's own cannabinoids and thus the endogenous cannabinoid system works more effectively.

As far as the immune system is concerned, there are studies suggesting that CBD ingestion has an immunomodulating effect. Put simply, this means that cannabidiol obviously helps to balance the immune function.

Accordingly, CBD should help to balance the immune system and facilitate the differentiation between healthy and diseased cells.

Indirect effects of CBD on the immune system

Apart from its immunomodulating effect, CBD is said to have a number of other positive effects. The intake of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid is said to improve sleep quality, relieve stress, counteract anxiety disorders and reduce oxidative processes in the body.

All these properties are not directly related to the immune system. But they can at least indirectly contribute to the body's ability to fight off pathogens.

After all, it is no secret that a lack of sleep and excessive stress, for example, weaken the body's defences and thus greatly increase its susceptibility to health problems.

CBD as a remedy against bacteria and viruses

As far as the direct benefit of CBD in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections is concerned, science is still in its infancy.

Nevertheless, there is some evidence that cannabidiol may have a supportive effect in both the prevention and treatment of different types of infections.

This may be explained by the described immunomodulating effect and the often observed relief of general symptoms such as limb pain and sleep problems.

Does CBD oil have side effects?

CBD oil has hardly any significant side effects and is very well tolerated by most people. In addition to a temporary drop in blood pressure, users in individual cases report fatigue or a dry feeling in the mouth.

In order to eliminate such complaints, however, it is usually sufficient to slightly reduce the dosage and to take a little less CBD oil next time.

However, it is known that the use of cannabidiol can cause interactions with certain drugs. If you are currently on medication and want to try CBD to strengthen your immune system, you should consult your doctor.

CBD Oil oilbased

CBD for strengthening the immune system - our conclusion

Cannabidiol is certainly not a miracle cure that will make sure you never get sick again. Nevertheless, many scientific findings suggest that CBD can have a positive effect on the immune system.

Considering the fact that CBD oil causes practically no side effects, it could make a valuable contribution to strengthening the immune system.

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